At Serenity Hair and Spa

At Serenity Hair and Spa, services go beyond having your hair beautifully styled to a complete range of beauty treatments that help you look and feel your best, everything from laser skin rejuvenation to hair removal and much more.

  • tuesday to wednesday 9-6
  • thursday to friday 9-8
  • saturday 10-6

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Environ Home Care Promotional Bundles



Ladies Cut $ 45.00-60.00
Mens Cut $ 25.00
Styling $ 30.00
Updos $ 65.00 & UP
Root Touch Up $ 45.00
Full Colour $ 60.00
Colour Correction $ 150.00 & UP
Highlights Full Head $ 85.00 & UP
Highlights Partial Head $ 45.00 & UP
Hair Relaxing $ 120.00 & UP
Texture Wave Service $ 55.00 & UP
Hair Extensions By Consultation


Daytime Make-up Look $ 55.00
Evening Make-up Look $ 65.00
Bridal Consultation & Trial $ 40.00
Bridal Makeup $ 85.00
Prom/Grad Makeup $ 65.00
Lash Application $ 15.00

Serenity Hair Therapy

Hair Therapy
Olaplex Reconstructive Treatment $ 30.00 & UP
Moisturizing Treatment $ 25.00 & UP
TREAT.ME Strength

For distressed hair that is weak, brittle and damaged Restores strength, thickness and elasticity to hair by using a combination of strengthening proteins and amino acids. This personalized treatment addresses issues associated with weak, brittle and damaged hair. Hair will be revitalized, smoother and more elastic with more body and strength to offset every day hair stresses. Includes sensory massage.

$ 30.00
TREAT.ME Moisture

For hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated Add weightless moisture, shine and softness to your hair with this personalized in-salon Treatment. Precious oils and plant extracts will not only hydrate regenerate and restructure, they will rebuild from the inside out with no weight, leaving your hair manageable and enlivened. Includes sensory massage.

$ 30.00

Serenity Hair Therapy


Serenity Spa Packages

Spa Packages
Serenity Signature Spa Package (2.5hrs)

Revitalizing Mediterranean Body Scrub that polishes your skin. Followed by a relaxing full body massage and Indian head massage. Blow out and make up touch up including LUNCH

$ 175.00
Ladies Retreat Package (3hrs)

50min Swedish Massage Serenity Mini Facial KM strength or moisture treatment Blow out and style

$ 170.00
Signature Men’s Spa Package (3hrs)

Mens Essential facial 50 min Swedish massage Mani-Pedi

$ 150.00
Ladies Luxury Package (5.5hrs) (Single Person)

Middle eastern (Persian) Body Scrub, Mud Wrap followed by Full Body Massage Moor Facial, Mani-Pedi Kevin Murphy Moisture or Strength Treatment Blow out and Day Make Up Application Including LUNCH

$ 450.00
Couples Package (3hrs)

Middle eastern (Persian) Body Scrub Full Body Massage Mani-Pedi Including LUNCH

$ 400.00

Serenity Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy
Skin Therapy PRICE
Refreshing Facial (30min)

A refreshing facial, great for in-between treatments. It will cleanse and replenish the skin leaving it glowing, healthy and rejuvenated.

Revitalizing Facial (60mins)

An organic mineral and vitamin rich facial with purifying and clarifying results. Leaving your skin revitalized and luminous.

Micro Facial (60mins)

Microdermabrasion stands the test of time as an advanced non-invasive exfoliation treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.

Photo Facial (60mins)

Our trained Medical Aestheticians use a machine that emits intense pulses of light (IPL) This will then stimulate your body to disintegrate and eliminate the unwanted excessive pigment while having little or no effect on other tissues or on your normal skin color.

Oxygen Facial (60mins)

This facial involves infusing pure oxygen into the skin at a specific pressure. The theory is that pure oxygen helps hydrate and moisturize the skin. Along with oxygen, vitamins, moisturizers, antioxidants are also infused into the skin. Oxygen facials are used for anti-aging, clarity, rejuvenation and a host of other skin concerns.


Serenity BODY treatments

BODY treatments
BODY treatments
Seaweed wrap $75.00
Mud wrap $70.00
Himalayan Salt Scrub and Mud wrap $90.00
Middle Eastern Body Scrub $70.00
Middle Eastern Body Scrub with Massage $100.00

Serenity BODY treatments


Serenity Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions
Full Set $120.00
Refill (after 3 weeks) $65.00

Serenity Sunless Tanning

Sunless Tanning
Full body $50.00
Full body and Scrub $70.00
Full body, Middle Eastern Scrub and Massage $130.00

Serenity Sunless Tanning



Relaxing Full Body Massage (60mins) $80.00
Luxurious Back Massage (30mins) $50.00
Invigorating Aromatic Massage (60mins) $90.00
Relaxing Indian Head Massage (30mins) $40.00
Back Facial with Massage (60mins) $60.00

Serenity Spa Nail Services Luxurious Collection

Serenity Spa Nail Services Luxurious Collection
Luxurious Spa Manicure $ 35.00
Luxurious Spa Pedicure With Shellac + 10 $ 40.00
Luxurious Spa Mani/Pedi $ 65.00 + $10 for Shellac

Classic Collection

Classic Collection
Classic Collection
Classic Manicure $20.00
Shellac Manicure $30.00
Classic Pedicure $30.00
Shellac Pedicure $40.00
Classic Mani/Pedi $45.00
Shellac Polish Change $20.00
Shellac French Polish $20.00

Serenity Classic Collection



Chin $ 10.00
Lip $ 10.00
Brow Shaping $ 15.00
Side Burns $ 15.00
Underarms $ 20.00
Full Back $ 50.00
Chest $ 50.00
Stomach $ 30.00
Half Arm $ 15.00
Full Arm $ 25.00
Half Leg $ 30.00
Full Leg $ 45.00
French Bikini $ 25.00
Brazilian $ 45.00
Brazilian & Half Leg Package $ 60.00


Brow Tinting $15.00
Eyelash Tinting $15.00
Lash & Brow Tinting $25.00

Serenity Tinting


Serenity Threading

Serenity Threading
Serenity Threading
Eyebrow Threading $ 15.00
Lip Treading $ 15.00
Cheek Treading $ 20.00
Full Face Threading $ 25.00

Serenity Laser

Serenity Laser
Laser (6 SESSIONS)
Full Face $ 250
Cheeks $ 100
Upper Lip $ 100
Neck $ 100
Knees $ 100
Full Arms $ 300
Upper Arms $ 180
Lower Arms $ 140
Underarms $ 150
Full Back $ 250
Chest & Stomach $ 250
Areola $ 100
Buttocks $ 200
Feet & Toes $ 125
Hands & Fingers $ 100
Brazilian $ 175
Full Body Single Session $200 or 6 sessions for $1200

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the popularity and demand for Serenity Spa and Salon Services, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation of our 24 hours in advance to avoid penalty charges. Arriving late will limit the time of your service.

At Serenity Hair and Spa

You can pamper yourself with body scrubs, manicures and pedicures, or a hot-stone massage. You can smooth your wrinkles with the oxygen facial, which produces immediate changes to the look and feel of your skin. Many other skin treatments are available, including Botox/Juvéderm, microdermabrasion and Environ skin care products

OxyGeneo Facial

Experience the new geneO+ smart-touch platform, the 3-in-1 Super Facial that skin care professionals are calling revolutionary! Similar to the natural hot springs effect, the geneO+ Super Facial is the world’s first system that significantly accelerates the absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients by the skin combining exfoliation, nutrient infusion, and oxygenation from within.




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